To our friends in opposition to executions,

The news from Indonesia is still not official. The Indonesian government is avoiding saying precisely when the killings will take place, or who is to be killed.

But because lawyers and diplomats involved are passing on to the media what the government has told them, it seems that about 15 people will be shot late on 29 July 2016.

Whether the executions proceed is up to the President. All executions are political. Last year, with minutes to spare, the President ordered a young woman to be removed from the group just as she was about to be shot. The President recognised that the judicial system which was about to have her killed was flawed.  We applaud that step – justice systems are flawed, that’s why most countries have stopped executing.

Last year, the President also granted clemency to several convicted murderers, all Indonesians.  Clemency is real and can happen.

For some of those apparently to be executed this week, there are extremely powerful reasons to question the justice of their cases.  Their lawyers and diplomats are trying to have these injustices heard and understood.  See our twitter account for more information.

What can we do?  In the short term, right now, we can suggest at least a few options:

Letters to Indonesian President via Embassy

Contact the Indonesian embassy by emailing, seeking clemency for any prisoners facing imminent execution. The simplest way to do this is to email this address:

Don’t be put off if you receive a returned automated message – your emails are being read.

Obviously, it is most important that all communications be respectful – that is the most effective way to be persuasive and bring about change. Don’t be put off if you receive a returned automated message – your emails are being read. If you are not sure what to write, emails could sensibly note some or all of the following:

-that experienced lawyers and diplomats are concerned at apparent failures of justice in some of the cases where prisoners are to be killed.  This is a good reason to have a temporary moratorium;

-that clemency is part of the law, and the President should exercise this power again, as he has done in the past;

– that the best way forward right now for Indonesia is to step up, abolish the death penalty and be a leader in human rights in the region;

-that in the last 5 years, Indonesia has rescued over 280 of its own citizens from death row in other countries. As the world’s leading country in rescuing people from death row, it should apply the same excellent approach at home in Indonesia.


Last night on 26 July at the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Melbourne, a peaceful vigil was held.  It is today a major news story in the Jakarta Post in Indonesia.

If you are in Perth, we are aware that some people have organized the following:

Perth: Wednesday 27 July, 5pm
Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia
134 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth

If you are in another Australian city, why not organise a peaceful vigil at an appropriate place, gather a few friends, and contact your local media – it only takes a handful of peaceful people to send a very worthwhile message.


Australian MPs and media

Why not contact your local MP or media organisation TODAY and urge them to work with their colleagues to voice opposition to these proposed executions?

Most of us cannot do much in these circumstances, but let us do what we can to save those facing execution, and to make the world free of state sponsored killings.

Please check our Twitter account for the latest updates. We will also provide updates on our Facebook page and website.

Julian McMahon

President, Reprieve Australia